The Academy

AREEN Academy brand is greatly influenced by its affiliation to the House of Lions Filmmakers and Media Creators from where the name AREEN (House of Lions) was coined. Our brand AREEN stands for strength, agility, and creativity. AREEN Academy delivers excellent academic and practical classes in Filmmaking, Storytelling, Media & digital content creation. Besides these, the academy is actively engaged in organizing workshops, events, Initiatives, and seminars delivered in an edutainment style. Our focus is to empower the Media industry in Saudi-Arabia through training, capacity building and impartation of structured knowledge.


AREEN Academy activities and services provided are broadly categorized into 5 areas enumerated below


Our events are concise, short and impactful training which include:

⁃ filmmaking weekend

⁃ week storytelling digest


AREEN Workshops focuses on hands-on participatory intensive group discussion style. Topical issues include:

⁃ one man unit filmmaker

⁃ storytelling: from idea to screen play

⁃ and different others courses.

Activities / Initiatives

Rising up to our corporate social responsibility, we organize diverse activities and initiatives such as:

⁃ Competitions management

⁃ Activating challenging programs


Our seminars are focused on facilitating skills in some important aspects of filmmaking such as:

⁃ Light experience

⁃ Cinematic coffee


As part of our training schedule, we take students on field trips in order to have practical experience in outdoor shootings and documentary style projects.

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Areen Academy

Our Mission to build an all-inclusive filmmaking academy of enviable standard attainable anywhere in the world; to develop and mentor new talents towards healthy competition among talents in the SaudiArabia filmmaking industry.